We all know that businesses are only as good as the people within them. In order to run a thriving business, your team needs both the technical skills and the soft skills to succeed. My training programmes are individually tailored to give your team the necessary expertise that the business demands. Improved employee performance can increase their productivity, boost team morale and ultimately keep your competitive edge. I will work with you and your team to help you develop the skills they need to get the results you want.

“We are 14 weeks ahead compared to last year. It’s all going swimmingly with sales this year… I think it gave our newer members of the team the confidence they needed.”
Charlotte Harris

Success in Sales

I design effective courses to cover everything that you need to know about sales, from preparing and planning, relationship building, establishing needs and wants, presenting solutions and gaining commitment. My step by step courses will allow you to master the essential skills of selling.

Presentation Skills

This training day is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and techniques to deliver a captivating and notable presentation. Whether you are an individual who has to make a presentation, or a professional who has to give an effective business delivery, this course will give you the confidence and the structure you need.

Personal time effectiveness

I will help you eliminate time wasting habits so that you can develop a structured and time efficient approach to your day. By utilising a variety of tools and techniques you will learn how to organise your time more effectively, so that you can get more done in less time.

Customer Service

A foundation level course which will explore the basic elements of  customer service, including managing customers’ expectations, understanding the importance of empathy, learning about different personality styles, and exploring satisfactory outcomes for both you and the customer.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the key in any field. There are specific strategies and techniques that will help improve your interpersonal communication skills. By undertaking this course I will show you how to develop the appropriate expertise to become a great communicator.

Coaching Skills for Managers

The coaching models and skills you will acquire on this course can be applied in a wide range of workplace situations. By developing effective coaching skills, you and your managers will be able to confidently improve the competence and performance of your employees.

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