When I first met Adrian, he said all the right things – how coaching would improve my performance, it would help me meet my goals, my businesses would be more profitable. I didn’t believe a word of it. However, three years on my view has completely changed – in fact it changed in the first year … as we beat our turnover target by more than 25%! If you’re hesitating about working with Adrian – don’t. He’s worth every penny!

Bernie Wales

"I gained so much from working with Adrian. He offered me tailor made advice coupled with examples of how I could improve my coaching. Adrian has a way of explaining things, which makes everything seem so simple and obvious. I have gained more insight into my coaching technique from just 2 telephone sessions with him than, than I have done in the past year from workshops, books and tapes. Thank you very much Adrian"

Amy Monk

“I recently changed my coach and mentor to Adrian and was immediately impressed with the level of support Adrian gave me from the first day we worked together. I saw a very fast turnaround in my turnover… Adrian has proven to be an invaluable asset to my business and I will be recommending him and his business to others.
Thank you Adrian for all that you have done for me and my business.”

Rob Chambers

"The growth in our business has been worth 3 to 4 times his fee over the period that we have been working with him. Adrian has some great ideas, which when put in to practice, prove themselves to work"

Colin Peck

“Adrian has provided expert assistance to enable me to grow both personally & develop my business at accelerated rates. I have learnt much and continue to implement strategies by working with Adrian.”

Mark Phillips

“Following our coaching sessions, it has given me the opportunity to totally re-appraise the way that I structure client meetings. Before my coaching I was converting 1 in 5 meetings into second meetings, now my hit rate is 4 out of 5. The coaching has improved my self-esteem and given me the confidence to deal with board level directors. I see this as the start of an ongoing, successful partnership”

Simon Cox

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